Home Flooded? What To Do.

Cleaning Up After a Flood

When your home floods, the problem is not just with the water. All of the items in your home will need   to be cleaned and removed from wet carpets and floors, as well as dried. This can take hours or days depending on how severe the flood was. If you don’t know what you’re doing, this could lead to mold growth and other health risks for you and your family members.

Getting Started

It can be hard to know what to do after your Austin home has been flooded. It’s more than likely that you’ll need professional help to get the job of water damage restoration done right, but here’s how to start the process of cleaning up your house.

  • Put on protective gear such as gloves and goggles for safety reasons before touching anything wet or dirty with bare hands or coming into contact with any chemicals
  • Turn off power at the main breaker box before turning off water supply valves in order to avoid electric shock or electrocution.
  • Disconnect any appliances that may have been damaged by flood water, including fridges and washing machines.

A Tough Job

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Cleanup

Cleaning up after a flood can seem like an impossible task. It’s not something you should do on your own and without the right equipment, it might lead ton.more damage in the long run. When you have a flood in your home, The first thing that you should do is call for professional help. With so much water and mud around it can be dangerous to try cleaning on your own. Flooding can cause mold, mildew, and other problems that are not healthy for anyone who breathes them in. In this post we will go over some tips for getting started with the cleanup process after a flood has occurred at your house.

ATEX Can Help

There is nothing left for you to do but call a professional and start cleaning. You need someone who knows how to properly dispose of everything, dry out the home, and make it safe so you can live in it again. I recommend hiring a company like ATEX Water Damage Restoration that will take care of every aspect of this process for you and get your life back on track as soon as possible.

About Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Styles and Varieties

Beyond the choice of metal roofing materials, there is also the critical choice of style. While the practical advantages of metal roofs are well documented, if they weren’t aesthetically pleasing, then they’d be just as undesirable as if they did not perform well at all. Fortunately, a wide range of styles and varieties exist for potential customers to choose from.

Metal Shake Roofing

Metal shake roofing is roughly analogous to regular old wooden shakes. This means that the metal roofing material has that classic authentic look of wood. You’ll get to choose from multiple colors as well, such as blacks, reds, and browns. The metal is far more durable and lasting than its wooden counterpart, so you get the best of both worlds.

Metal Roof Shingles

This metal roofing type mimics the classic look of smooth slate tiles. This distinct style is really quite elegant and often seen on roofs with wide areas. The charm of regular slate with the benefits of metal roofing is certainly an attractive choice. With metal roofing shingles you also have the choice between a wide variety of paints to color the shingles to your liking.

Metal Roof Tiles

Metal roof tiles are distinctly noted by their classy curves and graceful style. They are a huge improvement over the regular roofing tiles which they mimic as they are lightweight, strong, and durable. This is a huge improvement over the heavy, fragile tiles you regularly would get. And since the color is determined by a coat of paint, the choice is yours.

Metal Roof Panels

This traditional metal roofing material is finally available for residential buildings after having long been reserved only for larger commercial structures. Thanks to the wonders of technology, these are finally affordable enough for the average home. Just splash on your favorite color paint and you’re set to go!


Applying a finish can add that final touch of style to your metal roof. In addition to standard painted finishes, you can generally find metallic and granular finishes available. Metallic finishes are basic natural metal-colored paints. They give a metal roof a classic look. Granular finishes have been styled to make your metal roofing materials appear like asphalt, which can have a definitive aesthetic appeal.